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The COGUK Transport for Announcing Ephemeral Logs (TAEL)


There is a need for pipelines and processes within the consortium to communicate with one another. Sam Nicholls has tried to address this for COGUK and has deployed an mqtt based solution referred to as Tael. The mqtt model involves running a central messaging server called a broker, an example is currently being run on the COVID19 shared node. Any mqtt compatible client can connect to this network and send/receive messages. Messages are sent to the broker and must specify a topic (imagine this like a mandatory subject line in an email); clients can subscribe to specific topics that might be of interest to them. For example, a client that controls a downstream pipeline might subscribe to a topic about the status of the inbound pipeline, and so on.

Joining the network

Implementing a client

To join the Tael network, you need a valid client. A basic client that can access Tael, subscribe to a topic, automatically export the payload to the current OS environment, and run a shell command is available in the /cephfs/covid/software/sam/public/ directory in CLIMB.

This must be used from a clean conda environment which can be set up with the following commands:

$ conda create -n tael-messenger python=3.7
$ conda activate tael-messenger
$ pip install paho-mqtt

You can set up a client which will listen to a topic with the following commands:

$ conda activate tael-messenger
$ python /cephfs/covid/software/sam/public/ -c '<COMMAND>' -t 'COGUK/<TOPIC>/status' --who <CLIENT_NAME>

The -c argument should be a command which will be executed when the topic receives a message with the attribute status finished.

Sending a message

Send a message with the following:

$ conda activate tael-messenger
$ python /cephfs/covid/software/sam/public/ -t 'COGUK/<TOPIC>/status' --attr status finished

You can send any other key/value pair you like with --attr <KEY> <VALUE>

This should trigger the client you set up in the previous step (as well as printing on #tael-stream).

If your topic includes the substring test it will be supressed from #tael-stream (the client will announce that it has received a message on the topic COGUK/infrastructure/pipelines/<CLIENT_NAME>/status however).

Running pipelines have a control topic COGUK/infrastructure/pipelines/<PIPELINE>/control which can be used to control the pipeline (e.g. re-raise it if it has failed).

Automatically running mqtt-client on reboot

For mqtt-clients responsible for normal functions of CLIMB it is necesary for them to start automatically on a reboot in the event of a server restart without human intervention, this can be accomplished with a cron job.

Unfortunately cron does not play nice with conda so it is necessary to use a small workaround, create a bash script containing the following:

export PATH="cephfs/covid/software/miniconda3/bin/:$PATH"
eval "$(conda shell.bash hook)"
conda activate <YOUR_TAEL_ENV>
python /cephfs/covid/software/sam/public/ -c '<COMMAND>' -t '<TOPIC>' --who <CLIENT_NAME>

Make sure you replace all the parts contained in brackets with what is appropriate for your usage

Make the script executable with the command chmod +x <MY_SCRIPT>.sh.

Enter the command crontab -e to edit your crontab then add this line to the bottom of your task list:

@reboot <PATH>/<MY_SCRIPT>.sh

Make sure you use the absolute path to your bash script here

Testing the network

Every five minutes, a client on the network sends a message to the COGUK/test/beacon/status topic. The payload is a string that can be coerced to JSON (e.g. in Python you can use json.loads(msg.payload)) that contains three keys: date, time and status. The date and time values are strings containing the undelimited current date and time of the shared server (note the server time is UTC). The status value of the test message is always finished as the default behaviour of the example client performs actions only when the status in the payload is finished.

    "date": "20200716",
    "status": "finished",
    "time": "115001",


This subproject of COGUK is under development. Sam has been working with downstream pipeline authors to connect the inbound pipeline to other core components of the consortium response. Tael’s primary goal and focus will be to facilitate interpipeline communication, but it could be used for almost anything within COGUK. That said, Sam will provide no active support for developing clients and messages at this time. Note that Tael is running only as a proof of concept at this time and should not be relied upon for any element of service. Be aware that the properties of the network can and will change at any time.

You can watch the messages being sent around the network with fascination by joining #tael-stream

Published 2020-07-16. Updated 2021-08-16. Page maintainer @samstudio8, BioWilko.