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Updated 2021-03-11 by @samstudio8

Registering to upload metadata and/or sequence

Request access to CLIMB to upload metadata and/or sequence data

Request access by filling out the registration form. If your organisation is not listed, please speak to Sonia Goncalves.

When asked on the form for an e-mail address, you must provide an email address that matches the domain one would expect to see for your organisation. We will ignore requests from personal email accounts (e.g. hotmail). If you are the site lead, this email must match the email address Sonia has on file for you.

If you are only providing metadata or authorising users, you should leave the SSH Public Key box empty.

If you need access to CLIMB for uploading sequence data or performing analysis you will need to provide an SSH key. The system only accepts ed25519 keys. You can generate one from the command line with the following command:

ssh-keygen -o -a 100 -t ed25519

Your key must be protected with a passphrase. Command line generators will typically prompt you for this. PuTTYgen users must fill out the Key passphrase box on the client and select ED25519 in the parameters box.

You will not be able to upload data until your key has been added to the server.
Your username will begin with climb-covid19-. Remember to use this prefix when accessing systems later. The server accepts public SSH keys only. You will not be allowed to login with a password.

Once you submit your registration, a nominated user from your site will vet your request and approve you. Once approved by your site, your request will be processed by the system administrator and your account will be activated. You will be e-mailed when your account is activated.

For questions and assistance with registration, please use the #account-requests Slack channel.

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