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Updated 2020-03-23 by @samstudio8

Adding a page to this site

Fork this repository on Github, or clone it locally to your system.

Create <yourpagename>.md in an appropriate location. You may wish to group some pages by creating a directory for them. You can do all of those from your browser if you wish.

Pages should begin with the following markup:

layout: docpost
date_published: 2020-03-22 13:00:00 +0000
date_modified:  2020-03-22 21:50:00 +0000
author: <YOUR USERNAME (no special characters)>
maintainer: <YOUR USERNAME (no special characters)>

The title of the page specified in the title field will automatically be added to the page when it is rendered, so there’s no need to add the # markdown header again.

For instructions on how to use markdown, see Github’s guide on mastering markdown.

Once you’ve finished, use Github to file a pull request against the repository.

Don’t forget to edit and add the link to your new page. Use the existing links in as an example.

Published 2020-03-23. Updated 2020-03-23. Page maintainer @samstudio8.