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Updated 2021-01-19 by @samstudio8

Automated GISAID submissions

Sequencing sites can opt-in to a process where consensus sequences uploaded to CLIMB that pass high quality QC are automatically submitted to GISAID on their behalf.

How do I opt-in?

You can opt-in via your Institute profile on Majora. One only user per site needs to provide this information and it is does not need to be the same person who provides the metadata or uploads the sequences. You will need to provide:

You will also need to raise this to Sam in #outbound-distribution as we must notify GISAID of your username.

How does it work?

Bulk uploads are automatically generated at noon on Monday and will release all new seqeunces that pass high quality QC that have been uploaded in the past week.

Do I have to do anything?

You should periodically check the “My Unreleased” tab on the GISAID website. Curators will flag sequences with frameshifts and other quality artefacts for you to approve before they are made public, we do not control this process.

Published 2020-04-15. Updated 2021-01-19. Page maintainer @samstudio8.